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I'm Didac Vanroad and I live in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany. I work as an industrial machine repairer and I'm also an FPV drone pilot and videographer.

I've been working in Germany with my family for 9 years, and for many years, I've been making videos of our trips as a hobby. One day, a colleague at work asked me why I didn't pursue videography professionally since the videos I made had a lot of potential. So, less than a year ago, I decided to take this path.

That's when I tried an FPV drone for the first time. I built it piece by piece myself and fly it using FPV goggles. From the moment I tried it, I was amazed by this world, to the point of doing my first commercial work with FPV drones.

I really enjoy mixing cinematic videography with FPV drone scenes, so I believe that sets me apart and it's my way of working. My current goals are to gradually dedicate myself full-time to the exciting world of videography and turn my hobby into my job.

The FPV world is currently growing rapidly. It is widely used in real estate to promote commercial businesses and it brings a radical change to the way we used to see things with a standard drone. It's becoming more and more common to see this type of drones in commercial projects. So, if you have a business, I recommend that you also get on board with this trend and don't miss the opportunity and experience of having such an innovative commercial video.

Here I am, Didac Vanroad, to help you promote your business more easily and create digital content for your website or social media. If you're interested in working together, send me a message through the website by filling out the contact form, or simply reach out to me through social media.

With that, I wish you a happy day and I recommend checking out the FPV DemoReel video of this year in the FPV section to learn a bit more about me.

THANK YOU and see you soon!

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